Email Id is simply the electronic mail which is used for sending mails for free everyone to other mails . The Email are available from 90’s and these mails are free to send and any one can signup for the email account where you need to fulfill there conditions i.e age which is 13 years and as these mail accounts are available away before from mobile phones are available .


Nowadays the mobiles are available for everyone and everyone as mobile number so all the email id service providers want to tighten up there security and asking its users to verify there user there mobile number of phone number verification i.e they send you a OTP ( one time password) to your mobile number and you need to fill the confirmation box with the number you are sent . If you want to know how to create yahoo mail without mobile number

Mail Accounts to Online Storage Platforms

Gmail is the free services from the Google where anyone can create an account in the Google and use the account to send free mails and now Google adds from the Google Drive which comes with 15Gb storage for free where you can add the files , photos etc .

Yahoo also as come up with 1 TB storage and also there are many platforms on the web where you can have free storage upto 50GB for free . We will better discuss about them in another post.  Google also asks for the mobile number verification to create account , Yahoo as made compulsory to verify the mobile number .

Yahoo is also forcing its existing users to verify the mail accounts as it needs to make its accounts secure and remove the duplicate accounts from its mail service. If you are also a user for the yahoo account then you can follow the above link to signup yahoo account without phone number verification