Ready to pass Critter Geek Along

I’ve been taking stock of time commitments in my life, and am looking for someone who would like to take over thi site. I don’t have a specific plan for how this will work, although at minimum I will transfer the domain name,, along to you. For the right arrangement, I might also give you all or part of the current site content.

Without doing anything at all, the site has been earning about $9 a month on Google Adsense. Someone who’s passionate about blogging about animals could probably earn some money on it. I could give you some tips for that (which mostly means keeping the current layout and not fussing with that too much).

If you’re interested in this gig, please contact me via email at and let me know (1) what you might be willing to trade for the site, if anything (2) a sentence or two or three describing a simple transition plan. I’m not sure what kind of response this will receive, so I apologize if I am not able to respond to everyone the way I would like.

Thank you for following the site!

Squirrel Obstacle Course

via Lloyd’s Blog

Something Sweet for the Birds and the Bees

We recently added bees to our menagerie (ongoing photos here). Which means we’re making sugar syrup for two kinds of critters now, so I made this handy cheat sheet to hang in the kitchen.

Sugar Syrup For Bees and Hummingbirds

Click on the image above to go to Flickr, where you can use the All Sizes link to get to various sizes to print your own.

Baby Chicks Doing Arithmetic

As reported by the BBC, Baby chicks do basic arithmetic:

Scientists from the universities of Padova and Trento demonstrated chicks’ ability to add and subtract objects as they were moved behind two screens.

Lucia Regolin, an author of the study said the animals “performed basic arithmetic” to work out which screen concealed the larger group of objects.

The researchers raised the chicks with small plastic balls and used their instinct to be with the group to test their hypothesis. The chicks could remember which screen hid the larger number of balls and ran to it when released from their observation box. Check out the video on the BBC site…this looks like an experiment that teens could reproduce for the science fair.

Link: Baby chicks do basic arithmetic

Clouded Leopard Babies

Enjoy this video of Clouded Leopard cubs born at the National Zoo:

We’d all be better off if we spent more time watching animal babies.

Extreme Sheep LED Art


Leading Whooping Crane Migrations

From the New York Times, we have Rescue Flight: a story of helping Whooping Cranes along on their migration.

At 200 feet, the first pilot, Chris Gullikson, was perfectly visible in his trike’s open cockpit. He was wearing his whooping-crane costume, a white hooded helmet and white gown that looked like a cross between a beekeeping suit and a Ku Klux Klan get-up. Gullikson and the other trike pilots were going to pick up the 14 juvenile whooping cranes that they were, little by little, leading south for the winter.

How do they imprint the juvenile cranes? Check out this video:

There’s lots more where that came from, on the Operation Migration YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

Links: Rescue Flight from the NY Times and Operation Migration on YouTube

Truck a Duck


Animal Photo Eye Candy

Here’s some beautiful photographs of animals. The slide show is being credited to Arturo Medina, but information on the photographer isn’t readily available and the appearance of Lime Cat makes me think that this might be a collection of work by various photographers. Regardless, it’s a visual treat:

via Lloyd’s Blog.

Tara and Bella

Tara and Bella are best friends forever at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee: